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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Do you know your Inheritance Tax numbers?

How to shelter your assets from unnecessary tax £325,000 The first £325,000 value of your estate is called the ‘Nil Rate Band’ because although it is taxable to Inheritance Tax (IHT), it is taxed at 0% (tax year 2014/15).

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Pension reform: what you need to know

Further clarity on the new rules for pensions published by the Government Retirement should be an exciting time, and these days there’s more scope than ever to arrange your finances the way you want them. For example, you could continue … Continue reading

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What’s in your basket?

Diversifying your assets helps spread risk by lessening the potential for losses Most investors are used to hearing the term ‘diversification’ – but it has a broader meaning than many realise. Diversification is the process of investing in areas that … Continue reading

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Clever retirement strategies

How to influence the income you’ll receive in your retirement On 10 July this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility warned that many of us might not be eligible for a State Pension until we reach the age of 70. … Continue reading

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The hidden cost of divorce

UK couples are spending more than £44,000 on average when they divorce or separate Achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues surrounding divorce or the dissolution of a registered civil partnership can be highly stressful. Alongside wanting to … Continue reading

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What next for interest rates?

Why the days of ultra-low interest rates look numbered Inflation figures recently showed a sharper than expected drop in prices, cementing expectations that any rise in interest rates would be delayed until next year.

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Pension decluttering

Have you considered tidying up your arrangements? It would appear we are now increasingly becoming a ‘consolidation nation’, with many people combining their different contracts and services to make them easier to manage. It’s a growing trend, and new innovations … Continue reading

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