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Monthly Archives: June 2018

When I’m gone

How a simple list can help your loved ones after your death Although it may not feel like it, your family finances are probably more precarious than you think. It’s all well and good when the breadwinners are healthy and … Continue reading

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Transferring ISAs

Time to bring your investments together? If you have accumulated a number of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) over the years, keeping them all in one place could give you better control and help you save money. There’s a common misconception that … Continue reading

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This time next year we’ll be ‘million-heirs’

Larger individual wealth and expectation of substantial inheritances With estate planning, you can decide what happens to your money and possessions – even your pets – if something happens to you. But estate planning is useful in other ways too: … Continue reading

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Easing into retirement

Older workers are increasingly valuable members of the gig workforce We tend to associate young people with the gig economy, but new research shows that older, more skilled workers are increasingly making the move. The gig economy has been enthusiastically … Continue reading

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Planning for a bigger retirement income

Looking forward to having more time to explore faraway places Today, with more Britons living longer and healthier lives, the concept of retirement is much different to what it was only one generation ago. For each retiree, retirement is different. … Continue reading

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Retirement rewards

Common planning mistakes lead to an opaque future With increasing life expectancy and rising cost of living, the need to plan for one’s golden years is essential. Although retirement is one of the most distant financial goals, it is in … Continue reading

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Protection matters

Families face a precarious situation if the worst were to happen Everyone’s circumstances are different, but most people start to think about cover to help protect their family financially once they have children. But research from Scottish Widows[1] reveals that … Continue reading

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Is inflation back? Don’t panic

How to protect the value of your money from its effects Is inflation back? After two years when consumer prices in the UK barely rose, the annual rate of inflation has risen above the Bank of England’s (BOE) target of … Continue reading

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