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Seeking a higher retirement income

Retirement needn’t be an all-or-nothing decision The onwards march of ‘pretirement’ – where people scale back on work or slow their retirement plans down rather than giving up entirely – is continuing, with half (50%) of those retiring this year … Continue reading

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Falling foul of the minimum earnings threshold The rules around pensions are continuously changing. To make the most of your retirement, it’s essential to receive regular professional financial advice on how to build up and invest your pension effectively.

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Getting finances in order

Financial worries don’t just affect our waking hours Financial fears are creeping into sleeping hours, as new research shows money worries are a top cause of nightmares[1]. Our dreams are how we naturally make sense of all the information and … Continue reading

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Pensions shake-up

Getting away from the stresses of everyday life For many, the idea of retirement means getting away from the stresses of everyday life. But with living costs rising and interest rates low, people need to think about how to generate … Continue reading

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Looking to the future

Taking the steps now to prepare yourself for retirement With increasing numbers of people working past traditional retirement ages[1], stopping work can seem a long way off, especially for younger people. But it’s the dream of an early retirement that … Continue reading

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Should I stay or should I go now?

Key aspects that influence retirement decisions Whatever you want to do when you retire, the better prepared you are, the more rewarding it will be. It’s important to assess the key aspects that will influence your retirement, as the decisions … Continue reading

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Generation still taxed

Numbers nearly double in the last two decades With so much choice on offer, and with frequent rule changes and distinct tax benefits to consider, finding the right vehicle for your retirement planning is essential.

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Positive outcomes

Impact investing without sacrificing returns or profits For those looking to make the world a better place, but not wanting to sacrifice returns or profits, impact investing aims to support a positive social or environmental impact as well as looking … Continue reading

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Financial protection

Families left in a precarious situation if the unforeseen were to happen We all intend that our plans will come good. But making sure that you and your family can cope if you fall ill or die prematurely is something … Continue reading

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Cash may not be king

Pension savers risk a significant tax bill For most people over the age of 55, it is now possible to cash in or unlock all of your pension. How you take these benefits will depend on the type of scheme … Continue reading

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